Monday, February 27, 2012

My Son is Potty-Trained!

Yahoo!  I'm so excited.  It seems like such a silly thing to be SO excited about, but Ian appears to be potty-trained.  He had only one accident on Saturday and one accident on Sunday.  And today, at school, he had ZERO accidents!  I asked his teachers to take him every 45 minutes and it seems to have worked.  He doesn't even need the sticker incentive any more either.  My little boy is so proud of himself.  Every single time he pees, he gets this big grin on his face.  Now he's attempting to pee standing up, which is quite cute.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sammy is 10 months old!

Sammy is 10 months old today!  Here is the obligatory chair photo:

She's been super drooly these days and so I'm guessing another tooth is going to show up soon, but there are no overt signs yet.  And she wants to walk so so so badly.  She is thrilled when anyone takes her hands and walks with her.  Check out this cute video we took in our basement this morning.

She remains an incredibly happy baby and I feel so blessed to have her in my life.

We started potty training Ian this week (after a huge failure over Thanksgiving).  He didn't do so great at school - he came home every night with 4-6 wet pairs of pants.  But today, we had him in underwear all day and he only had one accident.  And in that accident, he realized he was peeing in his undies (because he felt the wetness) and was able to finish peeing in the potty.  So after being really disheartened last night, I was truly encouraged by his progress today.  I need to talk to his teachers on Monday and make sure they give him enough attention.  They have to take him to the potty every 30-45 minutes and can't wait for him to initiate.  I think after 1 week of that, he'll truly get it.  It would be fantastic if he could be trained before he turns 3 next month!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Update from the ENT

My husband and I took Sammy to the ENT this morning.  She passed the hearing test, which was a little ridiculous.  I sat with her in the listening booth and they decided that she heard the sound if she turned her heard towards it or stopped sucking her binkie when the sound played.  But she seemed to react to the sounds just as much as she didn't react.  I wasn't worried about her hearing.  I knew she could hear alright.  But I thought the test was a bit bogus on a 9 month old.

The ENT said her ear looked fine.  Of course it did.  She's been on antibiotics now for 13 days.  And we knew after day 7 that the antibiotics had worked.  So now we play the waiting game.  If she gets another ear infection soon, she'll need tubes.  It's apparently a 5-7 minute, fairly painless procedure and they'll use gas to knock her out (so no IV or drugs going into her bloodstream).  The tubes will fall out on their own and there should be no long-term effects of getting tubes.  I am crossing my fingers and hoping that the past 5-6 weeks was just bad luck with one nasty-ass infection and the antibiotics used were ineffective at clearing the infection.  But in my gut, I'm guessing that she's going to have another ear infection shortly and require tubes.  Time will tell.

In the meantime, look how cute Sammy is in this outfit!

Ian's 3rd Birthday Invitation

I'm so excited for Ian's 3rd birthday party!  It's not until next month, but I wanted to share with you the invitation (with some of the details blurred out in order to maintain our privacy).  I asked Ian to pose with his toy Lightning McQueen and the picture came out so cute!  So I found a woman on the internet who was able to take his picture and make the invitation using the Disney/Pixar characters.  I ordered some 5x7 prints from Snapfish and they're supposed to arrive tomorrow.  I can't wait!

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Ear Infection from Hell

Sammy has had a rough time of it lately.  At the end of December, she had a high fever, a bad infection in her right ear, and periorbital cellulitis on the right side of her face.  She got intramuscular shots of antibiotic to help eliminate the cellulitis quickly and then she started a 10 day course of Augmentin.  Two days after stopping that course of Augmentin, Sammy had another fever.  Sure enough, her right ear was infected.  The nurse practitioner that we saw gave us another course of Augmentin.  She thought the first course of antibiotic helped Sammy because her cellulitis went away and while her ear was infected, it no longer had pus in it.  So she thought we just needed more time on the Augmentin.

Two days after stopping the second course of Augmentin, Sammy had another fever.  Oh hey - guess what - her right ear was still infected!  So her pediatrician put her on a 5 day course of Zithromax.  Sadly, 2 days after we stopped the Zithromax, she spiked another fever.  That was this past Tuesday night, after the regular doctor's office already closed.  Given her history, I didn't want to go through the night without getting her on antibiotics again so off we went to the Newton-Wellesley ER.  Sigh.  Three hours later, I walked out of there with another diagnosis of a right side ear infection (surprise surprise) and a prescription for Suprax.

Sammy had a persistent fever on Wednesday, but we thought we just needed to give the Suprax more time to work.  By Thursday morning, when Sammy still had a 101+ fever, we went back to the doctor.  The pediatrician looked at her ear and while it was infected, the ear drum wasn't bulging and it didn't look like an ear that had been infected for close to 6 weeks.  So she recommended that we give the Suprax one more day to work.  Except this morning, Sammy still had a 101+ fever, so off I went back to the doctor.  The same doctor looked at her ear and saw a noticeable improvement.  This time, Sammy's ear drum moved nicely when the doctor puffed air into it, which means there isn't a large amount of fluid behind it preventing movement.  So she thought Sammy was getting better on the Suprax and recommended against switching antibiotics at this time.  She even got a second opinion from a more experienced doctor because it was sort of weird that Sammy still had a fever even after 60 hours of being on the antibiotic.

But today, things started looking up.  12 hours after we last gave Sammy ibuprofen, her fever was only 99.6.  So I put her to bed with another dose of ibuprofen and I'm crossing my fingers she wakes up fever-free.  We're also going to head back to the doctor next Tuesday to double-check that her ear is improving.  I also have an appointment set up with the ENT on the 13th because of this persistent ear infection.  I don't want Sammy to have to get tubes, but if it means not going through this again, I'm all for it!  My poor little baby girl.