Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sammy's First Tantrum and Other Updates

Sammy threw her first tantrum (on January 7, 2013) when we didn't give her a binkie.  In the past, she has gotten upset when we haven't given her a binkie, but usually we can get her to stop crying pretty quickly.  This time she was not distractable.  She kept standing in the kitchen crying, waiting for us to follow her to her room to get a binkie from her crib.  She cried for roughly 20 minutes until I was finally able to get her to cheer up and play with Legos.

Ian's tantrumming seems to be subsiding at school.  The reports I receive at pick-up time are getting better and better.  I hope we're on an upswing trend now that he's had more time to adjust at his new school.  The teachers have determined that he does much better in the older classrooms and whenever there is an opening, they move him up.  He spent a lot of time recently in the kindergarten room and is happy.  He is still struggling at nap time, but otherwise seems to be behaving.

Sammy (20.5 months) is starting to speak sentences:  "My book"  "Read this one"  "All done"  "I did it!"  Her hair is starting to grow pretty fast and it's getting a bit tangled in the back.  She does not like me touching her hair and often pushes my hand away with a resolute "No!"  This doesn't bode well for pigtails or barrettes in the future.  She's now wearing a 6.5 shoe and weighs just over 23 pounds.  She's getting all 4 canine teeth at once - the only teeth left to come in are her 2 year molars.

Sammy now tells us when she has a dirty diaper by saying "diaper" or "bum".  She's often asking to use the potty now and when we put her on the seat, she actually pees.  She hasn't pooped in the potty yet and she's not consistent with the peeing, but wow, what a great start considering she's not even 21 months old yet!.  And she is SO very proud of herself when she pees on the potty.  Tinkle tinkle!  Here's the proof: