Sunday, February 23, 2014

So Long Crib!

Yesterday, we took our crib, which has served us so well, to the dump.  It was an old drop-side crib first used by my nephew, who is now 14.  My brother's kids used it and our kids used it.  I would have loved to have donated it, but they don't take drop-side cribs anymore because they're no longer considered safe.  I thought briefly about free-cycling it, but I couldn't bear to think of a child injured or killed because of my crib.  But at least I free-cycled our crib mattress, which was only 3 years old.  

We transitioned Sammy out of the crib and into her big girl bed over the course of a week, just like we did for Ian.  It really was no big deal at all.  We put her twin mattress on the floor for a week to let her get used to not being in a cage.  She loved it because we dressed it all up in Hello Kitty bedding.  Here are the many different forms of a sleeping Sammy:

I love the picture of her sleeping with her head hanging off the mattress.  I had to stifle my laughter as I took that photo.

And here she is in her big girl bed.  She's so proud of herself!