Wednesday, September 24, 2008

149 pounds at 15.5 weeks.

My pre-pregnancy weight was 142 pounds. This morning, when I weighed myself, I was 149 pounds. After not having gained too much weight in my first trimester (perhaps about 4 pounds), I think I gained about 2.5 pounds this week alone! Perhaps its the result of the enormous quantities of stuffed shells that I'm eating. Perhaps I'm just making up for no real weight gain before. Who knows. All I know is that even these size 10 pants won't be useful for that much longer. Thank god my parents are visiting this weekend and bringing up a ton of maternity clothes from my sister-in-law.

I asked my mom if she had stretch marks from her pregnancies. She said, "Not really." That made me very happy because the all knowing internet says that you cannot control whether or not you get stretch marks and the most critical factor in determining whether you will get them or not is whether your mom had them. So far, I have had a very easy pregnancy, just like my mom's pregnancy. No morning sickness. Hopefully, I can carry small babies just like her! She had 3 babies and of all of us, the biggest, my brother, was only 6.0 pounds. But, my husband was a fairly large kid, so my plans may not work out...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

13 weeks today!

I am officially out of my first trimester today and starting my 13th week of pregnancy. I have noticed that I am feeling much less tired at night and I seem to have some increased energy. I told people about the pregnancy at work this week. Everyone was really happy for me (although one partner at the law firm seemed dismayed once he realized that his one mid-year associate would be out for 6 months on maternity leave next year). I was blessed with an easy first trimester - no nausea or morning sickness at all. I have found that the most difficult symptom I have is that I'm thirsty all the time. This baby must like to drink!

I still feel like this baby is a boy, and have been thinking about him as a boy. But we won't know for sure for 6 more weeks. I definitely want to find out the sex of the child. The whole pregnancy (and getting pregnant process) was so technical and scientific, so I feel like I might as well continue that trend and find out the sex. Then we can pick out a name and clothes more easily. I will be surprised if this child is a girl, but I will have plenty of time to get used to that idea too.

It is a rainy day Saturday today and so I think I will head to the mall. I have been needing new bras for SO long now. I am most definitely no longer a 36C. It's probably more likely that I'm a 36D now. While I'm there, I think I will stop in at some maternity stores and see what they have. I'm definitely not ready for maternity clothes yet, but I'm sure I will be soon! My little bump is starting to become noticeable. I was 147 pounds on the scale today, which is the heaviest I have EVER been in my entire life. I'm up about 4.5 pounds from when I started the IVF process (at 142.5).

I'm keeping my fingers crossed from my friend Lynn, who has her egg retrieval in 1 hour. I hope she has at least 3 good eggs (and that they didn't lose the big one as over-mature) and maybe one of her smaller follicles will sneak in to give her 4 or 5 eggs. This is her third IVF (and the last one went really badly) and so I'm really hoping for good news for her!!!