Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ian appears to be on the verge of furniture cruising. Gah! He's only 7.5 months old! He shuffles his feet while moving sideways along our leather ottoman. This is a new development because he used to just keep his feet in one spot while reaching for the TV clicker/phone and then fall over. Now he is shuffling his feet to move closer to the object of his desire. I think he'll be walking soon enough. We already have him wearing his first pair of shoes from StrideRite - a pair of size 4 sneakers. They look awfully cute on him. Too bad it's $40 for a pair of shoes that won't fit him in 2 more months.

I tried to eat breakfast this morning while watching Ian. Just as I was pouring cereal into a bowl, he crawled right past me, picked up the cat's water bowl and emptied it all over the floor. Good times. He was very pleased with himself and I could only laugh.

*We received TWO incident reports from daycare today. Ian, once again, hit his head on the toy bin and he also hit his head on the door. According to daycare, he is currently the most active (and clutzy!) child in his room. They can't get to him quickly enough! Let's hope he learns how to balance while standing soon or he's going to be in for lots of bumps and bruises.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I knew my son would get sick at daycare. And I knew I would catch what he brought home. But man...

I went back to work after my 6 month maternity leave and promptly got mastitis. Okay, so you can't blame that on the kid and daycare, but still, I wasn't happy about the 10 day course of antibiotics (and the hurty booby). Then Ian had some sort of head cold for what seemed like 1 month. Constant drippy nose. Constant snotty noises. Gross. And so what happened? I caught a cold. And then, it turned into a sinus infection. And guess what? I had to take another 10 day course of antibiotics, which I just finished yesterday. So this past Saturday, after not feeding well all day, Ian decided to hork his dinner all over me just as I was putting him in his crib for the night. Puke all over me and puke all over the carpet. Daddy helped clean up. I didn't think anything of it. I thought Ian just choked on his spit and gagged and threw-up. I mean, he wasn't acting sick and he was totally fine the next day. So I get on a plane to NY on Sunday night for a business trip. I wake up on Monday morning to IMs from my husband..."I woke up at 4 am with diarrhea and at 5:30 am, I horked everywhere and didn't even make it to the bathroom." GREAT. I think "Oh my god are you okay and holy shit am I going to get this pestilence too?" I crossed my fingers that I would stay healthy since I was on a business trip. I was totally fine on Monday. On Tuesday morning, around 4 am, I woke up in the Hyatt hotel room feeling nauseous. was nothing. I went back to sleep until 6:30 am when my alarm woke me up. Pretty nauseous now, but I bet a shower will fix it, right? I get out of the shower...really nauseous. But I have to start my day, right? So I climb into bed and start pumping and just in case I was actually sick (I wasn't, right?) I brought the bathroom garbage can with me. About 2 minutes after starting my pump, uh oh, sure enough, I'm sick! Darnit. Sorry if this is TMI, but that awesome lamb burger I had for dinner the night before did not taste good 8 hours later. Sigh. And I think I hit a new low by puking while pumping! Needless to say, I didn't actually work on Tuesday and managed to drag my feverish ass onto the 12 pm shuttle back to Boston.

Thank god we are all healthy at the moment...until the next plague hits. At least we got Ian his second seasonal flu shot this morning. Now if we can all just avoid H1N1!

Friday, October 16, 2009

7 months old!

Ian is now 7 months old and he's been crawling like a champ and pulling himself up on everything. Daycare says that he's on the early side for doing all of these things. It's also getting very hard to change his diaper and dress him because he keeps trying to twist around, get on his knees and crawl right off the changing pad! I'm so proud of my strong, wiry, happy little boy!

I'm about to crawl towards mommy and the camera!

Serious cuteness in my new fleece jacket.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yep. I'm standing in my crib...

And I haven't figured out how to get back down!

And instead of helping me sleep at 1 am, mommy got out the bright flashy thing! Cruel mommy. :-)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Back to Work Post

I never did post about going back to work, which I did 3 weeks ago. Everyone who welcomed me back at work asked me how the "transition" was going. I think they expected me to say "Man, it's hard!" or "Wow, I don't think I can handle it all." But I'm actually extremely happy to be back in the office and doing what I do really well.

I miss Ian during the day. I miss him a lot. I called daycare every day during the first week to find out how he was doing. And I try really hard to make the 5:55 train so that I can get home by 6:30 pm and play with Ian and feed him before he goes to bed at 7 pm. It makes it easier to know that Ian is very happy at daycare. He gets to do so many things there that he wasn't doing with me at home, like paint and play with other kids. And I give him lots of love, kisses and attention on the weekends.

But so far, so good! I seem to be handling job and mommy stress just fine (and even the pumping at work is going well!)