Sunday, August 23, 2015

Cranberry Trifest Olympic Triathlon

I completed my second olympic distance triathlon, the Cranberry Trifest Olympic Triathlon, in Lakeville, MA.  I'm super happy with my results:

40-44 Women Division Place:  12/37
Overall Place:  194/441
Gender Place:  51/204

0.9 mile swim:  23:40 (35/441 overall; 8/204 women; 2/37 in 40-44 age group)
T1:  2:46.6
26.2 mile bike:  1:25.53 (282/441 overall; 17/37 in 40-44 age group)
T2:  2:27.9
6.2 mile run:  54:35 (232/441 overall; 16/37 in 40-44 age group)
Total Time:  2:50:20.6

I'm super pleased with the swim, especially given that I had to swim through a very crowded field of swimmers.  I was in wave 5 and by the end of the swim course, I passed swimmers in wave 2!  I didn't catch up to wave 1 since those were the elite athletes.  :-)  The lake was 80 degrees and so the swim course was not wet suit legal, which was fine by me.  There were some people who still wore their wetsuits, but they were not allowed to be ranked.  It's pretty clear that all of the open water training I did at Stiles Pond in Boxford, MA helped me since I totally rocked the swim.

Besides wanting to crush the swim (goal accomplished!), I wanted my bike ranking to be closer to my run ranking.  I really wanted to push myself on the bike.  I was really pleased with this too - I averaged 18 mph for my bike.  At a couple of points, I backed off since I really wanted to be strong in the run too.  And I was pleased with my run time also.

Here's a picture my hubby took of me on my way into the finish line.

And the very best part was that my son ran the last bit with me.  I love love love this picture that the professional photographer was able to capture.  I see pure joy on my son's face.

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